BurgerFi: Yorkville, New York

It's been awhile since I last posted, but I'm ready to get back into the swing of things.  Last night I had a surprisingly awesome burger and just knew I had to post about it.  I pass BurgerFi on a nearly daily basis and have never really thought twice about it.  With other amazing burger places in the area like Bareburger (which I also should write about...) and Shake Shack, I never even considered stopping in BurgerFi when I had a burger craving.  However, last night I attended a painting class with some of my friends and we all found ourselves starving afterwards. Most food locations had already closed with the exception of bars, which were absolutely packed.  We decided to just walk up and down Second Ave until we all found something we could agree on and we stumbled upon BurgerFi.  I had pretty low expectations because it seemed like a Shake Shack wannabe and I'm never truly satisfied with fast food.

I ordered the BurgerFi Cheeseburger with fries, as did all of my friends and we all instantly agreed that it was the best burger we'd had in a long time.  The burger was perfectly juicy and amazingly cheesy. Additionally, they brand all the burger buns with their name, which we all thought was a nice touch. The fries were also delicious and didn't seem like generic fast food fries by any means.  I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't do more research into this place before going because I now see on their website that they have an entire secret menu full of amazing sauces and toppings for both their burgers and fries.  Next time I'm craving a burger, I'll definitely be returning to BurgerFi to try one of their other varieties.

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