Surf Taco: Belmar, NJ

This is a bit different from my regular entries because I'm not going to blog specifically about what I had at Surf Taco, instead I'm just going to recommend that everyone try and make it to the Jersey Shore this summer to try it!  While much of the shore is still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, it's important that we all take the time to head down there this summer to help support the economy and keep the Jersey Shore thriving.  One of my favorite restaurant chains is Surf Taco, which has a variety of Mexican inspired seafood dishes, like fish tacos and fish burritos.  While fish tacos are their specialty, they also have a variety of non-seafood options.  Surf Taco has a fun, casual, beachy atmosphere, with locations in Seaside Park, Belmar and many places along the shore.  I really recommend you check it out while at the beach this summer!  It's great for a filling lunch after spending hours on the sand or in the water.  Below, I've included some pictures from Surf Taco in Belmar, NJ, as well as some pictures from the Seaside Boardwalk.  I'd seen many of the images of the shore online and on television, but it was truly heartbreaking to see the devastation in person.  We had to drive through many devastated towns between Belmar and Seaside and it was difficult to look at the damage Hurricane Sandy had caused to so many homes.  I did not take any pictures of the homes because I felt as though it would intrusive to these people's lives as they try to rebuild not only their houses, but their lives.

Most of the shops in the Seaside Boarwalk were open and operating when I visited last weekend and they plan to have most of the boardwalk repaired for Memorial Day.  I hope everyone who lives in the area will take the time to visit the Jersey Shore this summer and help support the Restore the Shore movement.  Every little bit helps!

Surf Taco:

Surf Burrito.  The Surf Burrito (or any of the burritos) comes with a side of homemade tortilla chips.  There's a self-serve salsa bar so you can take as much (or as little...but c'mon) salsa as you need.  They have four varieties, ranging from mild to hot.

Salmon Taco and Garlic Shrimp Taco.  I got the Combo which comes with two tacos, rice, beans and tortilla chips.  This is a really great deal and in most cases more food than you'll need (but just as much you want)

Seaside Boardwalk:

The now famous rollercoaster in the ocean.  There are many more images online with a much better view, but this is as close as we were allowed to get.  The images online were difficult to look at, but it was even more haunting in real life. Last I heard, the rollercoaster is to be torn down today so that it will be safe to swim at the shore by Memorial Day.


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