Sushi Room: New Brunswick, NJ

Sushi Room! I'm surprised I haven't written a blog post about this place yet.  It is absolutely my FAVORITE place to get sushi in New Jersey.  I have yet to go to a sushi restaurant that I enjoy more.  It's located on the busy Easton Avenue in New Brunswick, NJ and despite it's close proximity to the New Brunswick train station it has a wonderful, relaxed ambiance.  You'll feel like you're miles away from the busy, loud New Brunswick college life.  We actually didn't intend to go there last night, but the restaurant we wanted to go to had an hour wait and we were very hungry so we decided to just go to Sushi Room.

We've been here plenty of times, so I've gotten to know the menu pretty well by now.  I automatically started with the ginger salad and we go the crispy rock shrimp to split.  The ginger salad isn't the best ginger salad I've ever had, but it definitely hits the spot.  The crispy rock shrimp are delicious.  They are tiny, fried shrimp, but are definitely not too greasy.  They have a light glaze of sauce on top of them, as well.  For an entree we decided to split 4 rolls, two specialty and
two hand rolls.  We got the the Chilean Crunch Roll, Google Roll, eel and cucumber roll and spicy salmon roll.  We get the Google Roll every time we go.  It's the best specialty roll I've ever tried.  It has the perfect combination of crunchy and soft.  The Google Roll has shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, and avocado.  The sauce that's drizzled on top is amazing, as well.  The Chilean Crunch Roll has Chilean sea bass tempura, spicy tuna and caviar.  It's a pretty expensive roll, but well worth it.  Unfortunately, our order got mixed up and we ended up with a cucumber roll instead of an eel and cucumber roll, so I can't really rate that roll.  We didn't correct the error, however, because we were still satisfied with the cucumber roll.  The spicy salmon roll was great as well.  It's always nice to have a go-to roll that's available at every sushi restaurant, and this is definitely mine.

Unfortunately, I failed to take pictures last night because I didn't realize that I'd never blogged about Sushi Room before!  I do have an older picture that I've included, but the rolls in the picture don't match up with the rolls we had last night.  The Google Roll is second in from the right in this picture because, as I said, we never fail to order our favorite roll!

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